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Has sending a greeting card become an out of date practice?



Greeting cards can come in all forms , big, small, ugly , pop up, glitter etc. However, are they really necessary in this age of technology where we can so easily send a quick text, meme or phone call?


I would argue- yes they are! They are not only the perfect way to show somebody that they are thought of but they provide the recipient with the excitement of wondering what may or may not be inside!


Ambience Arts greeting cards make people feel special at the time of receiving and better still this feeling can be prolonged, as they are such high quality prints that they can be framed and placed on a desk at work or shelf in the house. Each time that card is read for years to come a memory or thought will be relived- this is priceless.


Greeting cards also provide a great opportunity to build up the excitement of the ‘present opening’ ritual, the pile of cards are often collected and opened first to prolong the experience and also help to define which present is from who.


So there we have it, the answer.


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