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How art can improve the aura in your home


As a new business and artist I have generally found that my art work is well received, people often compliment and admire the vibrant colours and patterns. However, and it is a BIG however is that most people also comment that although they “really like” the paintings they just “wouldn’t know where to put it”.


I have heard this comment many a time, I always think to myself , but like everything in life if we don’t make it a priority then of course there is no room for it.


Art in this grey world we live in should be made a priority, a canvas can transform a space, bring light and depth to a blank wall and most importantly characterizes and in some cases can be a great talking point.


Ambience Arts offers a bespoke service, meaning your ideas, your vision and your personality will be captured in the painting. The finished canvas or framed print then acts as expression of you and your life, reminding you of who you are and what you love on an every day basis every time you take a glance.


It has been proven that certain colours evoke certain emotions within the human mind. Large companies often use this knowledge when choosing the “right” colours in their marketing campaigns.


Today often houses are decorated using a neutral palette, clean white or creme walls, I am a fan of this as it brings light and space, however it does not bring character. To inject ‘happy colours’ instead of painting a whole room bright yellow a canvas painting is a perfect way to reach a happy medium and add that personal feel.



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