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Why choose Ambience Arts as your wedding decor supplier

Why choose Ambience Arts as your wedding decor supplier


we believe wedding decor should reflect the individuals getting married and not just the wedding decor company they have chosen”.

Here at ambience Arts we pride ourselves on providing a service that always places the client at the top of the priority list. We will do all that we can to ensure that we have explored all avenues in order to provide you with the most unique and best value wedding decor in the West Midlands.

To this day we have never told a customer that their vision or dream for their big day is impossible. Like most things in life there is always a way around things and we believe this most definitely applies to wedding decor.

Unlike other wedding decor suppliers in the West Midlands we do not offer a set range of products or packages that we demand our customers must choose from. Instead we listen to our client’s needs, wants and concerns and work with them to design a product and wedding decor package that works for their individual vision and expectations for the big day.

This takes into account THEIR styles, THEIR budget, THEIR chosen theme and THEIR personalities, as we believe wedding decor should reflect the individuals getting married and not just the wedding decor company they have chosen.

This way of supplying wedding decor means that we create items from scratch, everything is handmade and made with lots of love and conscientious thought- also key ingredients for a successful marriage! Further to this our handmade wedding decorations and stationary not only bring a personal touch to the event but they also guarantee originality… what more could you desire from a wedding décor supplier in the West Midlands?

Often our brides and grooms want to see what their chosen wedding decor will look like prior to their big day, most companies provide a range of these photos and can guarantee that you day can look the exact same.

If you’re anything like myself this is not appealing as you want your big day to be exactly that- YOURS! These companies are simply regurgitating exactly the same products in the same setup wedding after wedding, from time to time all that changes is the venue and if you’re lucky the price!

As a bespoke wedding decor company in the West Midlands it is impossible for us to recreate a setup exactly, this is intentional as we do not wish to merely recreate a past wedding we have done, instead we design original setups or tailor items to fit individuals needs each time a couple chooses our wedding decor.

Of course if clients wish to see their chosen wedding decor in a visual format before their big day, we always offer sketches and pictures throughout the design process, this not only allows for changes to be made throughout but it also put the client’s minds at ease before the big day.

As a high quality wedding decor supplier, we allow our clients to choose from two options; to hire the wedding decor or to purchase. We offer the hire option, as we understand many couples do not have the storage space to store heavy bulky items after the wedding and therefore wish to hire. The hire option also comes with the advantage of having myself and a member of our team there on the day, assuring that the setup is perfect and all is how it should be!

However, for those who choose to purchase wedding decor also benefit from many advantages. For example you can keep items as keepsakes and you never know, they may be used many years down the line for your own son or daughters weddings. Or we also offer another option, if chosen you can come back to us at Ambience Arts and we will recreate your item eg. buttonholes can be dried and framed etc.

So all in all, if you are soon to be married, or even just looking for some bespoke décor for an important event and are looking for a décor supplier who can; guarantee originality, work closely with you and your partner, and lastly listen to all of your needs then get in touch today