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What is the purpose of a table plan?

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For brides and grooms who choose to sit their guests according to a seating plan, the wedding table plan is an essential part of this decision. It prevents wedding guests from running around from table to table trying to find their name card and it also provides them with an overview of whoever else is sitting on their table, be it good or bad!


That is of course the logistics of the wedding table plan, in terms of aesthetics @ambiencearts believes that a table plan should be a total reflection of the bride and groom. As the table plan is often situated in the reception area at a venue it is often the first thing guests see, therefore first impressions are everything!


Here @ambiencearts we provide a bespoke wedding service. Wedding decorations and props can be hired as they are and small adaptions can be made to fit a theme. However if you want something completely bespoke items such as table plans for your wedding can also be completely commissioned from scratch.


Commissioning a table plan from scratch means that everything from colours to fonts are completely your choice, as I often use my artistic talents along with my wedding services, your table plan can be hand painted and customized in whatever way you wish.


This means that your plan is YOURS nobody else will have it, it also shows guests you have really thought about everything on your big day. Further, it gives people a real insight into your likes and dislikes and gives them a feel for what the rest of the wedding may entail.


However elaborate or wacky @ambiencearts can help you to achieve your vision!